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"As an arranger, Ranelin's skills are consummate... Inspiration is a welcome return by a master Jazzman...It is dignified, sophisticated and soulful,  thus accurately reflects the characteristics of it's creator "
"Ranelin remains firmly committed to the blues. Even while moving his music out toward the edges, he never lets the seams show. His arrangements are colorful and full of nuance and elegance as evidenced by the nine minute opener, Freddie's Groove, with it's beautiful chromatics and shaded Latin rhythms--- it swings like mad"
 Thom Jurek- All Music Guide
 "Ranelin's nonet combines saxophones, bass clarinet and on occasion, flutes, to create a rich horn section that blends beautifully with Ranelin's warm trombone. His Trombone  playing has never been better, with adventurous ideas and a lush tone that is never brash"
 John Kelman- All About Jazz
"Ranelin is an unsung trombone hero.. His nine piece band includes several saxes.. lush horn parts and elegant soloing.. arranged with a natural grace that never seems overcrowded... This One's For Trane stands out as the albums most compelling ascendant scorcher."
Jonathan Zwickel- XLR8R
"Phil Ranelin was responsible for some of the deepest and funkiest jazz of the Seventies..this radical trombonist shows his inspiration is still alive whilst blowing as hard as he did when ' Vibes From The Tribe' first dropped back in 1975"
Andy Thomas-- Straight No Chaser
"Phil Ranelin is a trombone player in the tradition of J.J. Johnson..  which is characterized by energy sensitivity, mainstream ideas and a certain edge that distinguishes his music. "Freddies Groove" opens with a fat African Brass like ensemble sound.. Ranelin's articulate, swinging, solo offers us an ideal glimpse into the depth of musical experience and understanding that he brought to the creation and recording of Inspiration. --it is inspired."
Winthrop Bedford -- Jazz Improv
"Trombonist Phil Ranelin leads a sizzling session , with each track pristinely crafted and focused .. The degree of Jazz Sprituality in Inspiration, brings us back into the emotional highs of  past days...Inspiration takes us back to the intensity of the late 1960's"
Keiichi Konishi- Swing Journal   



What the Jazz World has to say about Phil Ranelin


Ranelin's horn has a throaty, unruffled quality; his soloing is well manicured and economical. 

Herb Boyd, Down Beat



Michael Cuscuna, Record World


Ranelin's unique approach to the trombone is most striking!  I believe that a new trombone voice has entered upon the Jazz scene and may very well establish a new direction.        

Bunky Green, Jazz saxophonist and Educator


Phil Ranelin is one of my favorite trombone players on the scene today; he has his own unique style and a warm and attractive sound.

Freddie Hubbard


I am proud that yet another Naptowner has continued to help uplift the perception and acceptance of the slide trombone.  In my humble opinion, Phil Ranelin deserves wider exposure and recognition.                                   

J.J. Johnson


Indianapolis has probably produced more jazz trombonists per capita than any other city in the U.S., with J.J. Johnson, Slide Hampton, David Baker as prime examples.  Less known is

 Phil Ranelin, but he is just as important in this city's jazz heritage.

Alan Ross, Indianapolis Star




Magazine, Online and other Quotes


Ranelinís group sounds as adventurous as any currently operating band.  Although the music has a free spirit running though it, the musicians are obviously mindful of Ranelinís compositions and direction.

Daniel Piotrowski, Signal To Noise, Winter, 2002


The sound of Ranelinís band expands and contracts to fit the mode of each particular piece, with Ranelinís melodic trombone setting the tone from the outset.  Ranelinís painterly way with arrangement foregrounds tonal color and uses melody or rhythm for shading.

Mark Richard-San, Pitchfork Media, July 2001


Ranelinís Tribe transcends nostalgia and unearths an important link in the chain of Great Black Music.  Ranelinís trombone is particularly distinctive.                                                 

Mitch Myers, Down Beat, November, 2001


VIBES FROM THE TRIBE Ranelin uses his wonderful trombone tone as a lush backdrop. THE TIME IS NOW is quite simply a stunner.   Sometimes everything comes together in a cosmic wave of brilliance, such is the case with this album.

Jon Worley, Aided & Albeit, December, 2001


ÖI came back from Paris and found your fantastic CD {A CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE VERY BEST KIND}.  I am so touched by your musicÖ.  Itís a brilliant heartfelt piece of art, life, and I can feel your soul and personality showing through every note you produced.  I am sure youíre getting all the recognition you deserve for this wonderful album Ö BRAVO!!!!  Your biggest Italian fan, Asia.  2001 

Asia Argento, Actress, Producer, Director

and star of U.S. box office hit film, XXX

 (Ranelin played trombone on the soundtrack of her self-produced Italian film, Scarlet Diva)


Trombonist/Composer/Arranger Phil Ranelin has unique talents in all these areas.  Originally inspired by JJ Johnson and influenced by his long association with Freddie Hubbard, Ranelin has synthesized a contemporary style, harmonically advanced and rich in expressive nuance.

Dan Weinstein, LA Jazz Scene, August 1996


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